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Stilazzi Synthetic Brush S133

S133 Bristle: Synthetic Shape: Small, Tapered Dome Brush Designed For: Loose and Pressed Powder Prod...

Stilazzi Synthetic Brush S128

S128 Bristle: Synthetic Shape: Tapered Angle Brush Designed For: Blush & Contour Powders Length:...

Stilazzi Synthetic Brush S132

S132 Bristle: Synthetic Shape: Small, Chiseled Dome Brush Designed for: Blending Anything & Ever...

Stilazzi Synthetic Brush S125

S125 Bristle: Synthetic Shape: Soft, Large Fan Brush Designed For: Powder Blush, Bronzer & Highl...

Stilazzi Synthetic Brush S134

S134 Bristle: Synthetic Shape: Medium, Rounded Brush With A Slight Dome Designed For: Powder Based P...

Stilazzi Synthetic Brush S129

S129 Bristle: Synthetic Shape: Medium, Soft Tapered Brush Designed For: Loose & Pressed Powder P...

Stilazzi Synthetic Brush S126

S126 Bristle: Synthetic Shape: Dome Shaped Brush That Tapers To A Soft Point Designed For: Loose &am...

Angle Blush Brush

Bristle: Blend of Blue Squirrel & Goat Hair Shape: Tapered Angle Brush Designed for: Blush...


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